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Shit's About to Get Real is a journey through the cosmos. Together we explore the human mind and it's true power.


This article is an excerpt.


Be Quiet

There is an old English word that has become obscured over time. We don’t really use it that much any more. Iniquity.

Iniquity became synonymous with the word unrighteous in the early sixteenth century.  Iniquity literally means in-quiet.


Your beautifully active mind is constantly working to create in the expanding universe. However, your powerful creative thoughts can run-a-muck. Your thoughts are powerful enough to create and to destroy. Real problems have the ability to take over and subdue your power. The more you think about them, the more impact they have. When you are constantly focused on your experience in the real world, your creative ability is squashed. Imagining what can go wrong becomes a raging brainstorm. You imagine all kinds of scenarios or scenes. You actually live a future reality now and experience shit before it actually happens, as if it is real. That sounds crazy to me.  Racing thoughts that consume you will take over the pro-creative mind. An all out assault, as you try to work things out. This storm of energy prevents you from harnessing creative energy in a productive way. Out of control thoughts are just that out of your control. They consume energy, and your ability to think with intent. Worry and doubt form powerful destructive thoughts.


Every thought you allow will emanate from your mind and body and take a very real physical form. It is how everything is created. Self-destructive thoughts will destroy. Re-creative thoughts will create.


Allow yourself to be in quiet. Learn to ignore the destructive voices in your head. Eventually those voices will stop talking to you. But for now, the voices will speak to you and you will listen! Tell them to shut up!


Our objective is to show you how to take control of you thoughts, and to manifest the change you desire in reality. Before you can do that, you need to become consciously aware of every thought. You need to understand the nature of the voices in your head. You need to learn to ask if this thought, the one I am having right now, is it serving me or destroying me?


Learn to be quiet and listen.


The Voice of Reason


The voice of reason is one of the most powerful forces that is preventing you from manifesting awesome in your life. It’s not reasonable for you to believe you can have anything you desire. It is more reasonable to believe you have to work hard and earn it. It certainly is not reasonable that you actually already create your reality with your thoughts. Reasoning is a process you do to work things out. Once you have worked it out your mind will retain it or discard it.

You were not born reasoning. Reasoning is a learned behavior. You have been taught throughout your life to trust your intellect, and what you know to be true. You have it all figured out. Here’s the deal, how can you have it all figured out if everything is constantly changing?


Knowledge of a thing is a myth. It is an illusion. You perpetuate the illusion to feel safe. Change can be scary. Absolute and unchanging is not. If you have it all figured out, and you view the real world as something that just happens, and as long as you can “deal with it,” you are safe a top the mountain of knowledge you have acquired in your life. Knowledge is not power. Knowledge is an illusion of power!


The Voice of Guilt


Ever since the day you were born, you have been taught right from wrong. Good against evil. Do this and not that. When you think in accordance with what you think is right your feel empowered. When you don’t you feel guilt. You have learned to see reality in absolutes. Absolute that and absolute that. Your reasoning mind requires this and that to make judgments and to form opinions and preferences.


Before you can truly master your thoughts, you need to understand the very real difference between remorse and guilt.


Remorse is a powerful creative force in the universe. It emanates from your heart and mind in the form of a hopeful thought. Remorse is thoughtful and healing. Remorse manifests when you perceive a negative impact you are having on someone or something in the universe.


Guilt is very different. Guilt is the opposite of remorse. Guilt is an entirely selfish pursuit powered by fear, and it prevents you from intentionally harnessing your true creative prowess.


Every thought that manifests in your mind is powerful. A thought or brainwave is energy in motion. All energy contains a positive or negative charge. A thought without energy is just a word. Powerless. When you have a thought, your mind generates an emotion to provide the energy to carry that thought through space and time. Emotions or energy-in-motion become inseparably connected to the brain waves emanating from your mind. In physics, we know that some energy is positively charged and other energy is negatively charged.


Emotions are energy in motion. Powerful energy. So powerful your can feel it. (feelings) Remorse and guilt are the same emotion. The exact same energy. One is positively charged and one is negative. Love and hate are the exact same energy. One is positive and one is negative. The negative charge is called fear, and the positive charge is called faith. All emotion is charged by either fear or faith.


As we take this journey together, you will need to learn to abandon fear and activate faith.


Instead of focusing on what is right and wrong, you will learn to focus on why. Emotions do not emanate from what is right or wrong, they emanate in why it is right or wrong. How you feel about right and wrong.


Learn to let go of what you “know”. The infinite universe is not absolute. You can’t know something if it is constantly evolving or expanding. Once you know, you no longer seek to know. What you already know becomes fixed, it becomes who you are. If you already know who you are, how in the hell do you hope to change it?


Ignore the voice of reason and guilt. Abandon fear. Stop pretending to know in a universe that is truly unknowable. You do not need to know.




The concept of faith has been misunderstood for thousands of years. Faith is not a belief in something but rather a powerful creative energy in the universe. It is the energy that makes all things. But I am not a minister or pastor. Faith is not religious. Faith is no different than photons or electrons. Faith originates in the heart and mind in the form of an aspiring thought. A thought wave of energy!


Faith travels through space and time just like other energy. It gathers strength as it flows by joining forces with other positive energies. It weaves its way through the fabric of space and time at it fulfills the measure of it’s creation. A thought, energized by faith, is constantly seeking to take a physical form. Just like photons of light, it permeates and infiltrates everything in its path. It gathers strength and speed as it attaches to other positive energy and matter. In the great metamorphosis of thought, subatomic particles, which are the building blocks of the physical world, attach to the dynamic waves of energy to shape and form the real world.


It is important to understand that the physical world is nothing but organized energy and matter. Faith is what binds the energy and matter to form the physical world. It is easy to understanding of light and photons because you can see it with your own eyes. However, light is no different than faith. It travels through the universe in exactly the same way. The void, created by the expansion of the universe is constantly attracting energy and matter to fill it. Reality, including the physical world you desire to change is nothing but potential energy and matter bound together by faith.


The void in your life, the one you are seeking to fill is created by the dynamic and fluid expansion of the universe. Once you acknowledge the void and recognize it for what it is — you and you alone fill it.


Fear : The Energy to Destroy All Things


Fear is also dynamic and fluid energy. Fear is the powerful negative energy that emanates from the mind. Fear also gathers strength as it weaves into the fabric of space and time attracting other negative energy as it flows. Fear is destructive! The polarity of fear and faith is just like the other basic forces we are familiar with, such as gravity, electricity, mechanics and heat. They poses opposite or contradictory tendencies.  Fear is a powerful energy that originates with the thought that the universe is finite.


Unfortunately, your parents, your teachers and society have taught you throughout your life there “isn’t enough to go around”. You learned to compete for everything. Competition does not exist in the universe. Competition is the result of a misunderstanding of how the universe and the fundamental laws of physics actually work. In an expanding universe everyone can obtain whatever their hearts and minds desire.  In a universe that is constantly expanding, limitations are not physically possible.


Life taught you “no you can’t” or “no you shouldn’t” within hours of your first breath. You must abandon the idea that you must compete with others to achieve what you desire.


The Quiet Voice : Your True Voice


There is another voice you will hear. A voice that speaks for you — not to you. It is the voice of desire. It is the voice that if not properly understood will suddenly become a loud voice, shouting ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. There is no such thing as enough! You were born to create a world without end. You are inherently aware of your true creative powers. The voice of desire is part of you that yearns to fill the void created by the expanding universe.


Your true voice is not capable of being reasonable. It intuitively comprehends who you really are. It does not see the world in absolutes but rather in possibilities. It recognizes the infinite. The verb recognize comes from the Latin root words re (again) and cognoscere (to know) – literally “to know again” As I said, I will not tell you anything you do not already know.


Desire is not want. Want is a fear of not having. Desire is faith to create.


You have also been taught throughout your life to ignore the voice of desire. When the voice of desire begins to speak, your reasoning mind immediately begins to discredit the voice with reason. You were told to just deal with it and take it as it comes. Just be okay with being okay. That’s not okay. You learned to settle and accept things as they come. You learned to accept a finite reality.


In the massive, expanding universe, this idea is what I call bullshit! It’s a scientific term.


Allow you true voice to speak for you. Realize (real-eyes) your wildest imagination. Learn to dream! The experience you call dreaming is wishful thinking - which literally means to wish fill the void.


Dreaming is a dynamic and powerful tool to create and manifest the real world you desire.


If you are not exactly where you want to be, right now. If you are like most people — you wander through life constantly seeking, searching or yearning in a dreary world. You bought into the greatest myth of all time — shit happens! It’s just not real. Shit happens because you make it happen! You make it happen!


Up until now, you made it happen on accident unconscious of your creative power.


Now you will create instead of being be created upon!


If you are not a living the vibrant, passionate life you desire; if you have not achieved vast wealth, if you have personal relationships that are failing — no matter what the void, you and you alone will fill it.


Soon, you will realize how!



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