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Shit's About to Get Real is a journey through the cosmos. Together we explore the human mind and it's true power.


This article is an excerpt.



You were born a powerful creative force in the universe. Your birth was a brilliant expansion of the known universe.

With you in it, the universe became infinitely larger. When you were born, you filled a void created by expansion in the universe. A vast expanse of possibility in the fabric of space and time. Void of all knowledge and all understanding. A vibrant complex weave of energy. A literal bundle of joy.


You came to be.


Today, you woke up, and life sucks. Which is okay. You’ve learned to deal with it. But, you sense a void in your life. Something is missing. This could be better, that could be bigger. You could be faster, richer and more in love. You desire more. Something, everything. You are done with being okay, and it’s not okay.


Being is an unabashed, unashamed and unembarrassed, all out assault on mediocrity.


It’s a humans guide to everything. A how to guide for mastering your thoughts to achieve absolute awesome in every aspect of your life.


If you are no longer okay with being okay, this experience is for you. Before we begin, there are a few important thoughts to consider.


How It Happens.


The universe is constantly expanding. The constant expansion literally creates a void. The presence of the void is felt by every living thing.  Although you may be unaware, a void in the universe affects every cell in your body. You can feel it. This presence excites the neurons in your mind, leaving you with a deep yearning to fill the void. Your conscious mind will sense the absolute nothingness — an empty feeling. When your mind senses a void, you may feel confused or uneasy. You may feel anxious or determined. You may feel a need to improve some aspect of your life. Although you are aware a void exists you “can’t quite put your finger on it.” The void is literally an empty space. Energy and subatomic particles, the building blocks of the physical world will soon fill the void. You can’t quite put your finger on it because there is nothing there. The empty space will soon manifest a change in the physical world as these building blocks become organized into physical matter.


You are aware of the void but you aren’t sure what it is. I call this phenomena unconscious awareness.


The existence of a void, excites the energy in your mind. Your mind will constantly search for the meaning in the void. Your mind, your body, and all the energy and subatomic particles that are you, are inseparably connected with the fabric of space and time.


When the universe expands, you expand with it. The dynamic and vibrant interconnected web of energy we call the universe works together in a marvelous metamorphosis to create and manifest the physical world you and I experience everyday.


When a void is created by the expansion of the universe, the energy in your mind will emanate out into the fabric of space to fill the void.


The void, created by the expansion in the universe, is opportunity. The opportunity to create and manifest anything you desire. If you sense a void in some aspect of your life, Sh*t’s about to get real will show you how you to harness the energy in your mind and focus your thoughts allowing them to weave into the fabric of space and time to fill the void. You will fill it with anything and everything your heart desires.


The void will continue to expand and grow until you fill it. You can choose to fill it intentionally and deliberately, or you can allow outside forces to fill it for you. Until you understand the true nature of reality, you will continue to experience what happens instead of making it happen.


The experience you are about to have, will be unlike any other. In the beginning you may have a hard time believing it’s real. It may even sound like a bunch of bull shit. I am not a mystic and this process is not mystical or supernatural. You will not be calling upon some invisible power to bestow upon you a gift that you somehow earned.


You will learn how the fundamental laws of physics work to create and manifest reality. It’s not supernatural — just physics.


I want you to have a brilliant experience as you take this journey with me. I will ask you to think new thoughts. I will not ask you to change what you do, only what you think. I will ask you to trust the process. Allow yourself to have an interactive experience. You do not have to believe in me or anything I say. Belief is not required. Just allow yourself to have the experience. Allow the words and thoughts to flow freely through your mind. Some of the ideas may challenge your core beliefs. Stuff you know. You might even think I am bat shit crazy at times.


That’s okay.


I am not going to tell you anything you don’t already know. The power to create and manifest anything and everything you desire is in you; it’s who you are. You are already an infinitely powerful creator.


Before you learn to deliberately and intentionally create and manifest the life you desire in reality, you will first have to unlearn some of what you have been taught since birth. You will also need to see and experience reality for what it truly is. It’s not entirely what you think.

You live in two realities — simultaneously. The so-called real world, or the physical reality you share with every living thing. And everything is alive. The physical reality is the reality you experience with your five senses. It is the something you can “put your finger on.” In your mind you have that all figured out. You can see it, touch it, hear it, smell it, and taste it. But it is not real without you. You make it real. Your experience in the real world is uniquely yours.


The real world is constantly evolving and changing as the universe expands. The physical world around you never stops changing. You have become accustomed to accepting reality as it is. “It is what it is.” However, if reality is constantly changing — it is impossible to ever say it is what it is. Reality is never still. You could say, I suppose, that it was what it was.


You also live in your vibrant, dynamic universe that exists entirely in your mind. Your reality! Your mind works to comprehend reality by forming cognitive connections between your memories and the emotions that connect you to your experiences in life. You form opinions, preferences and a variety of beliefs about this and that, and they help you to comprehend and make meaning for the experiences you have in the real world. Your reality is just an illusion of what is real. A story you create in your mind. Sometimes, when new experiences conflict with your reality, your mind will perform a reality check. Your cognitive mind will not rest until what you think is real aligns with what you already “know to be true”. A reality check is your mind’s way of reconciling what you think is real with what appears to be real in the physical world. You have come to accept that the outside physical world is real and what you perceive to be real inn your mind is not.


As you take this journey, learn to question what is and what is not real. You may be surprised.


The reality in your mind is the only reality you will ever experience.


Filling The Void


You are a powerful creator. You use your awesome power to create and manifest reality every minute of everyday. Even if you wanted to, you could not stop creating. You are doing it right now.


The energy generated by your thoughts emanates out becoming inseparably connected to the vast interconnected web of energy you call the universe. Your thoughts, and the energy behind them, work in perfect harmony to create and manifest reality. If there is something missing in your life, if you sense a void, no matter what you do, your thoughts will work to fill it. You are not just an observer. You are an active and vital part of the one great whole.  Without you, your reality would cease to exist. A beautiful dimension of space and time — lost forever in your mind.


As you take this journey with me, you will begin to see what is real for the first time.


You will discover what it means to be. To be real. You will learn to harness your awesome creative power to manifest anything you desire. You will begin to see how you have always been a part of the expansion in the universe. Since the moment you drew your first breath, you have been re-creating reality. Your real eyes (realize) will begin to see who you are, what you are and why you are.



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