Bryan Ferre is Chief Evangelist

at Vivos Therapeutics, Inc.

 July 1969

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The Beginning

I was born a few days after John Glenn took one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind.

Early Life

I was a precocious, playful and interested child. I lived big and questioned everything when I was young. I still do.

Early Education

School was not cool for me. I attended a great elementary school and have many fond memories. I was not a great student.

The Fun Years

In Junior High I developed a passion for having fun. I carried that through High School.

Early Career Insights

When I was a Junior in high school, I met Mr. Miller. He was the marketing teacher and ran the DECA club. I was hooked.

An Unexpected Mission

About a year after high school, I received a very unexpected call to serve a full-time mission in New Zealand. The Best Years!

A Meaningful Education

After returning from New Zealand, I entered school at Al Collins College in Tempe, AZ. I graduated with a degree in graphic design.

My First Real Job

I was hired as a graphic designer at Nature's Herbs in Orem, Utah. I designed labels for herbal supplements. Fun.

Go West Back East

Life changed for me after I convinced Stephanie West that I could be the lead interactive designer at West + Assoc.

A Big Step Up

A few months before the notorious Y2K, I was hired as a Senior Interactive Art Director at DSW.

A Life Altering Decision

In 2001 I turned down a career opportunity at Charles Schwab to return to DC. All for a girl. We got married in 2004

Bryan Ferre Creative

In 2005 I formed Bryan Ferre Creative. I ran a successful consulting practice for ten years. I had the privilege to work with brilliant entrepreneurs.

A New Unexpected Mission

On October 27, 2015, my life and my career came to a sudden end.


My wife, Carrie passed away unexpectedly in her sleep from sleep apnea.


I was rocked.


After a few months, I was introduced to the CEO of Vivos Therapeutics, a company working to rid the world of sleep apnea.


I closed my consulting practice and became Chief Evangelist for this important work.

About Bryan Ferre

So I am am going to write a big story here very soon.

My Why


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